The Heart of Health Live!

Our television program The Heart of Health Live! airs every Thursday at 6pm EST and provides viewers with an opportunity to call in and get free medical advice from our guests who practice medicine every day. The program is currently broadcast on 3 Angels Broadcasting Network, The NRB Network, along with several other networks. You can view one sample episode below and then head over to our Vimeo Channel where you can watch all of the pre-recorded episodes.TV Affilliates

The Ultimate Prescription

The Ultimate Prescription is hosted by Charles Mills, health reporter, and Dr. James Marcum.
Each program will explore the balance in healing. There is a place for modern medicine. There is a place for a biblically based lifestyle. A relationship with the Father is the Ultimate Prescription and should be a part of every treatment plan. Learn about this balance and join us weekly on the Ultimate Prescription. Find an affiliate near you!

Managing Cardio Vascular Disease

Dr. Marcum presents the causes and treatments for cardiovascular disease in this three-part series. See the full series on our Vimeo Channel.

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