We believe that God wants healing in our lives and works in a variety of ways to provide for our well-being. The Heartwise Prayer Forum has been developed to facilitate sharing one’s prayer requests, lifting up others in prayer, and sharing praises of how God has worked in your life. We hope that this is a place that you will visit often and that you will be blessed as God leads us to experience healing. If you would like someone to call to pray with you, please contact us.

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Back is out, stopping me f/walking, causing hip to protrude to sSubmitted By: Anonymous
To find a chiropractor that uses her fingers or thumb -- I saw a woman chiropractor on a tv show I want to find her, so I can be treated by her. She had a Southern accent.Thank you very much for your prayers. The back and hip have improved some, just waiting for the MRI report now. God is good!
Seeking HealingSubmitted By: Anonymous
After our house was burnt down in 2010, we lost everything Since then I have been having insomnia, loss of memory, could not recall what day of the week, feeling of exhaustion,weak and felt not the same as I used to be. Please pray for me.I thank the. Heartwiseministeries forum's for the prayers offered on myself and the oppotunity to prayer for others who needs our prayers.What are blessing it is.May our Lord and Master continue to bless your ministery.
Chronic painSubmitted By: Anonymous
Please pray for me, I am in incredible pain and no amount of pain killers work. My gp can do no more to help I have to live with it. I am screaming inside with pain.Thank you, whoever you are, for praying for me. God bless you. Pain makes me tired, but it also makes me passionate about life. That is one thing I have learned from being in so much pain. I can probably reach really deep emotions. I am a counsellor (although out of work) and would love to help others. I pray that God will use me to help others in His own time and I will accept where I am right now.

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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
I need help with my classesChristopher Archer604-12-2018
I need help with both my Physical Science and Statics class because I am fail both of them. can you pray to god that I pass both of them.
Financial blessings Elizabeth Ogden 204-12-2018
Praying and believing in a financial breakthrough for enough funds for our construction project and believing in a job offer from a place where I really want to work.
Please pray that I find the energy and focus I need to do my job efficiently. Please pray that I find and learn the essential items I need so that I can perform my job to the best of my abilities.
Prayer for my beautiful Aunt DianeAnonymous504-09-2018
My Aunt Diane has cancer. Please pray she is miraculously healed. Thank you.
Pray for the Salvation of my family!Cana Lugo404-09-2018
Please pray by name for Justin, Joshua, Abagail. Also my other family - Dawn, Steve, Christian, Zoe, Gage, Cherith, Chase, Ethan, Sarah. And if you feel led, pray for me also.
Prayer for promotionAnonymous304-09-2018
Please pray for me to receive a promotion from a Business Analyst Level to Associate Level at my current work place. I humbly ask. Thanks and may God bless you
My daughter is afflicted with borderline personality disorder -diagnosed in her teen years- and I also believe she has narcissistic personality disorder. She has been estranged from me -her mother- for 5 1/2 years and I have not been able to see my grandchildren either who were 2 and 3 1/2 at the time my daughter cut me off her life. Her husband is a sweet fellow but does not respond to my emails either. Please pray with me that the Lord may intervene in this situation and restore this relationship between us. I'm in my mid 70's and feel very sad about this.
For a Godly husbandDaniela W.1404-05-2018
I'm in my 40s and have been in the church for over 20 years. I would really like to serve the Lord together with a Godly husband, however I've been single all this time, and I have no prospects whatsoever. Could you please pray with me for a miracle?
Substance AbuseAnonymous1204-05-2018
Please, please pray for the removal of ALL substances and addictions from our family life.
Please pray that my husband have the will to lose weight, which causes him other health concerns.
Please Pray for my DadAnonymous804-02-2018
My dad is in critical condition right now. He had gotten really bad pneumonia and had to be admitted to the hospital. I please ask you to pray for him to recover and for him to fight as hard as he can to get through this. Thank you all so much. God bless you all.
Boyfriend's Mother is very sick and was put on a ventilator last night, and she is now sleeping all the time. We don't want to lose her. She has septic pneumonia and it has spread to all her organs causing renal function to deteriorate. Will you please pray that she will be saved, and hopefully live to see healthier days. She is 86 yrs old so, please pray that if she does pass that it will be as painless and peaceful as possible.
Financial problems Anonymous803-29-2018
My family is going through a bad time things are getting worse and worse financially we are in a lot of debts and no ways to solve it, please pray for my family so that we can be able to pay back all the loans thank you
Devastated that my boss is possibly avoiding me againValerie Hoopes403-29-2018
My boss Alice is acting irritated with me again and I don't know if she just has less patience just when it comes to me. Please pray that she and I can get on good terms again and work through this. Please pray that Alice will be open to working things out and being on good terms with me. This really means a lot to me. Thanks.
dieticbeties is out of control.Anonymous603-28-2018
had a stint put in heart, changing medicine. suger level to high,can't get down.
Marriage restoration Anonymous1003-28-2018
Pray that my husband will return home to his family and stop entertaining other woman
Abuse at home, new church also??Abused husband and toddler In The Philippines1303-24-2018
I am and American living in The Philippines. My wife has been emotionally abusive since the day I met her. She is now to my son, and has sexually abused him in my presence - God and I stopped her. The laws are not on my side here in child protection or rights of a father. If they were the police force is very lapse in enforcement, and there are few of them.
I dont want to hurt himAnonymous903-24-2018
I am with someone and I don't know whether I am in love with him or not. I feel a constant struggle and like a terrible person because I don't like who I am becoming in this relationship (or really who I am at this point). I accept whatever God's will is and don't want to go my own way because I know it wont be for the best. Please pray for me that I find relief and that my boyfriend and I both come out the winner.
Need Help getting my new business started: for advertisementJoseph Bonnette803-23-2018
I need prayer for my wife Joy in Uganda, and I recently started an LLC business I called camp of the saints ebooks & Lord's supper LLC. I'm very bad at promoting my own writing, but it's biblically based writing, explaining who Jesus really is as he calls himself in Rev. 3, "the beginning of the creation of God." It's going to be 5 years this Nov 30 since we were married in Uganda. -- I would like any prayer and help for my needs, especially to help get me advertisement for my website. God says his word will not return void, so I make statements that I believe are BIBLICALLY SOUND, then expect God to do the work of convincing and converting the people to himself.
Huge breakthrough and deliverance neededLouise Maple1103-22-2018
I would like to ask for intercession on a few issues. I have an mother who is evil. She has plagued my life with evil since birth and I was finally able to physically cut her off / out of my life around 10 years ago, all due to the support of my very spiritual husband. He has fasted and prayed for me for years and she has punished him by not allowing him to get a visa. I am at my wits end and don’t know what to do. I am struggling to go through another application process as it’s draining us mentally and spiritually. We need prayers and just favour and breakthrough. I know God is more powerful than her but I’m struggling with having hope and faith.

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