We believe that God wants healing in our lives and works in a variety of ways to provide for our well-being. The Heartwise Prayer Forum has been developed to facilitate sharing one’s prayer requests, lifting up others in prayer, and sharing praises of how God has worked in your life. We hope that this is a place that you will visit often and that you will be blessed as God leads us to experience healing. If you would like someone to call to pray with you, please contact us.

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Back is out, stopping me f/walking, causing hip to protrude to sSubmitted By: Anonymous
To find a chiropractor that uses her fingers or thumb -- I saw a woman chiropractor on a tv show I want to find her, so I can be treated by her. She had a Southern accent.Thank you very much for your prayers. The back and hip have improved some, just waiting for the MRI report now. God is good!
Seeking HealingSubmitted By: Anonymous
After our house was burnt down in 2010, we lost everything Since then I have been having insomnia, loss of memory, could not recall what day of the week, feeling of exhaustion,weak and felt not the same as I used to be. Please pray for me.I thank the. Heartwiseministeries forum's for the prayers offered on myself and the oppotunity to prayer for others who needs our prayers.What are blessing it is.May our Lord and Master continue to bless your ministery.
Chronic painSubmitted By: Anonymous
Please pray for me, I am in incredible pain and no amount of pain killers work. My gp can do no more to help I have to live with it. I am screaming inside with pain.Thank you, whoever you are, for praying for me. God bless you. Pain makes me tired, but it also makes me passionate about life. That is one thing I have learned from being in so much pain. I can probably reach really deep emotions. I am a counsellor (although out of work) and would love to help others. I pray that God will use me to help others in His own time and I will accept where I am right now.

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Please pray for my custody batteAnonymous607-14-2017
Please pray for my 5 year old daughter, the judge, guardian ad litam, my attorney office, and my child father. Please pray that i am successful in bringing my daughter home with me and she remains in full custody with me as her dad fight me for her for full child custody. I'm so tired, i can't sleep, and all i do is cry. She is my only child and i love her so much. Pray for me as i will pray for you. Thank you.
Prayer for healingAnonymous407-13-2017
I have a potentially very scary health issue happening. I really need prayer for healing and peace of mind. Thank you
Fiancee leftAnonymous407-11-2017
My fiancee left me. I prayed and I really believe the Lord is still saying that I am her beloved and she is mine. I just pray she would make contact with me. I just pray the Lord would restore us.
To recover and overcome 9-year-relationship-ex's infidelity Anonymous707-06-2017
After 9 years, the relationship has come to an end when he reveals he had physical contact with a woman while we were taking a 2-week-time-off. God certainly knows a better plan for me and I am praying God will help me stay strong and stand up after falling from losing this relationship that I planned to start a family. It hurts too much to say and in time of difficulty, our faith tends to stay fragile and our mind tends to wander and confused. Please pray for me to have a stronger faith and learn to hang on Him tightly in this vulnerable time.
Hopeless and helpless. Anonymous707-04-2017
I feel very distant from the church and very depressed. I am in dire need of a job, and waiting to hear back from prospective employers. Please, pray for me that I find job security and pray for me that I find my way back to church. I am having a lot of trouble praying for myself. Thank you so much.
RelationshipKatarina Djordjevic707-03-2017
Please, keep DEJAN and me in continued prayers for: Improvement, developing and deepening of our relationship; STRENGTHENING OF OUR LOVE; THAT GOD LEAD AND PROTECT OUR FUTURE, FURTHER COMMUNICATION AND GIVE US WISDOM IN BEHAVIOUR TO EACH OTHER; For GOD’S PROTECTION, BLESSINGS and LEADING of our relationship, so that we grow into strong Christian couple and get married soon. Thank you for all your prayers. Wish you all the blessings.
Pray for JatinNamrata K707-02-2017
My husband Jatin is unemployed and looking for a job. Please pray for him that he is able to find a very good job. Amen
Intercession for my daughterAnonymous707-01-2017
My daughter told me about 2 days ago that she has fallen out of love for her husband. She says she still loves him but not "in love" with him. He did something a few years ago which involved another woman and she is having so much difficulty getting past it. She needs prayer to find it in her heart to somehow fall in love with him over again and he needs prayers to understand her feelings and frustrations in that and other areas. They are both good people and I love him like my own son. I forgave him for what he did and I guess I feel she should be able to as well. I really would hate to see their marriage end.
Please pray for complete healing from bleeding ulcers in my colon (colitis) Thank you.

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