We believe that God wants healing in our lives and works in a variety of ways to provide for our well-being. The Heartwise Prayer Forum has been developed to facilitate sharing one’s prayer requests, lifting up others in prayer, and sharing praises of how God has worked in your life. We hope that this is a place that you will visit often and that you will be blessed as God leads us to experience healing. If you would like someone to call to pray with you, please contact us.

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Back is out, stopping me f/walking, causing hip to protrude to sSubmitted By: Anonymous
To find a chiropractor that uses her fingers or thumb -- I saw a woman chiropractor on a tv show I want to find her, so I can be treated by her. She had a Southern accent.Thank you very much for your prayers. The back and hip have improved some, just waiting for the MRI report now. God is good!
Seeking HealingSubmitted By: Anonymous
After our house was burnt down in 2010, we lost everything Since then I have been having insomnia, loss of memory, could not recall what day of the week, feeling of exhaustion,weak and felt not the same as I used to be. Please pray for me.I thank the. Heartwiseministeries forum's for the prayers offered on myself and the oppotunity to prayer for others who needs our prayers.What are blessing it is.May our Lord and Master continue to bless your ministery.
Chronic painSubmitted By: Anonymous
Please pray for me, I am in incredible pain and no amount of pain killers work. My gp can do no more to help I have to live with it. I am screaming inside with pain.Thank you, whoever you are, for praying for me. God bless you. Pain makes me tired, but it also makes me passionate about life. That is one thing I have learned from being in so much pain. I can probably reach really deep emotions. I am a counsellor (although out of work) and would love to help others. I pray that God will use me to help others in His own time and I will accept where I am right now.

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Please pray for my sister!!Amy Cohen205-22-2017
Hey!! My elder sister is 43 years old and she has been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes recently. She is taking insulin as her blood sugar level is high. She is considering laser hair removal from a clinic. I just wonder if it's safe for her to undergo this procedure now. I have heard that as long as one is on insulin, they wouldn't be treated for laser hair removal. So I have tried to convince my sister but she is not listening to me. I'm worried about her health. I hope her blood sugar level becomes normal. Please pray for her health.
Prayer for redemptionAnonymous205-20-2017
Things have not been working well in my family. My brother has gambling addiction and he has been owing money and stealing, he hasn't been able to find a good job. And my sister has been having difficulties passing her I CAN exams. I just want redemption for my family and peace.
Please pray for my mom!Emily Pichler205-19-2017
Please pray for my Mom. She has an autoimmune disease that affects her skin. There may be more going on beneath the surface. It's really really bad right now. And it's spreading. There's a extreme rash that covers her chest and neck. It's incredibly painful and extremely itchy. Its also making her skin very tough and leathery, and is so uncomfortable every where, especially her neck. She can rarely sleep. I'm really scared that it's because of a major internal issue. Please please pray for healing, relief and restoration of her skin now. And healing over her whole body as well that everything that is wrong would be healed. And wisdom as to what to do.
I have a lot of health problems and mental health problems. I want to quit smoking. I need to be reunited with my my family and friends. Me and my best friend are not talking anymore and it hurts my heart. I think I have a demon that follows me around. I lost everything because of my illnesses. I want my life back.
My mother, Maria, had a seizure today. She has a brain tumor, please pray for her fast recovery and that the nerves on her brain will not be swollen. Praying for the tumor to disappear and give her strength.
my bad breath cause acid reflux and my husband headache Anonymous705-09-2017
I have bad breath with acid reflux, I have had this disease for a long time, the terrible stench through my nose if I shut my mouth, I had surgery to fix the stomach but not cure. I'm isolated from life, no friends, no social life. I only have husband, he smells my stench then he sick, often stuffy nose, headache. I can not going out playing and always depressed. I have been thinking about suicide many times, or else I need to break up with my husband, he always has a headache because of my stench. Everyone please pray for me to get out of the disease.
Diabetic Shoes NeedSarah Phelps805-08-2017
Please pray that I am able to get the, Diabetic shoes I need?
Anxiety and heaviness in mindAnonymous805-07-2017
Feel my mind is very heavy and oppressed and I get anxious easily. It kinda ruins my day. Desire for peace and walk in the way of God, but find myself striving and worrying and being negative too much and find it hard to break this destructive habit. Pray for me to be able to let go and let God and also to find people around me to support me with this. Need help, stuck on my own.
Help my dad with his business in Sri LankaAlegra Joseph805-03-2017
Please In Jesus' name I am asking you to pray for my dad. Help his business in sri lanka to be a success. Help his restaurant to be a success, so that he will be having a great profit each day. So far it has been running well, but he has no profit. So please in Jesus' name I pray that my prayer be fulfilled. Amen. Thank you so much in advance.
my wife has been having dreams that I'm cheating which is not true. I confessed all that I did including almost cheating and pornography. Please pray that God change her dreams to show her the truth and stop divorce proceedings and restore our marriage . Also help me pray that my brother be saved in Jesus name
Prayer NeededAnonymous705-03-2017
I need help to quit smoking and to make better choices in my life. Just when I think I've got this, I get bombarded. Pray that I can let go and let God. Prayer for my sin to go away so there is room in my heart for Jesus. Also, pray for my marriage that is a hot mess right now. I praise God that he hasn't given up on me.
Help in Marriage For SisterBrian T805-03-2017
My sister AMT is need of prayer and guidance in her marriage. She told her in-laws she was pregnant with her second child today, and they said they will not watch this baby nor her son that they already watch unless she raises the children to their standards. My sister is very opinionated and won't get her children vaccinated. There are divisions within the family. Thank you. In Jesus' name, blood, and the Father's mercy. Amen.
My body isn't feeling right. I am worried, and scared. Please allow me heavenly father to get back to normal.
son's studiesAnonymous1004-28-2017
Please pray for my son's studies. Please pray that he continues in the top 10% of his class. He has worked so hard. Please pray especially for his geometry class.

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