We believe that God wants healing in our lives and works in a variety of ways to provide for our well-being. The Heartwise Prayer Forum has been developed to facilitate sharing one’s prayer requests, lifting up others in prayer, and sharing praises of how God has worked in your life. We hope that this is a place that you will visit often and that you will be blessed as God leads us to experience healing. If you would like someone to call to pray with you, please contact us.

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Back is out, stopping me f/walking, causing hip to protrude to sSubmitted By: Anonymous
To find a chiropractor that uses her fingers or thumb -- I saw a woman chiropractor on a tv show I want to find her, so I can be treated by her. She had a Southern accent.Thank you very much for your prayers. The back and hip have improved some, just waiting for the MRI report now. God is good!
Seeking HealingSubmitted By: Anonymous
After our house was burnt down in 2010, we lost everything Since then I have been having insomnia, loss of memory, could not recall what day of the week, feeling of exhaustion,weak and felt not the same as I used to be. Please pray for me.I thank the. Heartwiseministeries forum's for the prayers offered on myself and the oppotunity to prayer for others who needs our prayers.What are blessing it is.May our Lord and Master continue to bless your ministery.
Chronic painSubmitted By: Anonymous
Please pray for me, I am in incredible pain and no amount of pain killers work. My gp can do no more to help I have to live with it. I am screaming inside with pain.Thank you, whoever you are, for praying for me. God bless you. Pain makes me tired, but it also makes me passionate about life. That is one thing I have learned from being in so much pain. I can probably reach really deep emotions. I am a counsellor (although out of work) and would love to help others. I pray that God will use me to help others in His own time and I will accept where I am right now.

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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
Healing from LupusPearl Ware302-20-2018
Healing from lupus (SLE) for my daughter Dara and my cousin Janet.
Mom’s Recovery Anonymous302-20-2018
Prayer for wisdom and healing. Please lift up my mom in prayer as she is trying daily to recover from her stroke. As well as for my dad who is helping her along the way while working too.
Gaps in memory Nicolette C202-15-2018
I have recently lost my wallet with all of my important belongings inside. I have flipped my home upside down in order to find it and have found nothing. I am anxious and cannot sleep. Some of the items inside are priceless. I ask for prayer that Jesus will help me remember where I placed it as well as help strengthen my memory as it has been terrible lately. Thank you!
HelpM A G202-14-2018
For M A. In desperate need
JOB SEARCHAnonymous702-13-2018
I am very much in need of a job to put back my life in order and been trying so hard, I keep knocking on and on but now want all your kind support to make it happen, Dear Lord please grant this humble request to get a Job where I can get back my life in order, My time is running out and I actually am tired , please help me in this days, AMEN
miracles for reconcilitationAnonymous202-13-2018
please intervene God. I'm hurt inside, i am so tired to cover everything by pretending and no matter how hard I pray nothing seems to be working, please pray for Damianus aditya christie and me. I have been waiting for reconciliation and peace for me and him, I have been struggling with pain for the past 3 years. Teach me how to remain grateful, teach me to love You more than anything. I really need a miracle, thank you
Please pray for wisdom, peace, determination, joy, victory and success over Jack. He has had some bad luck in his comps he trains hard for and is feeling quite heartbroken. Please bless him and save him.
Flu and Colds HealingAnonymous502-09-2018
Please keep me in your prayers, this flu and colds got me and really caused a lot of pain. I ask for God's healing
Marriage and guidanceAnonymous702-09-2018
Please pray for my marriage. I feel like I need out but we have kids and God does not like divorce but we have had problems for years now and I just don’t feel like I can do this anymore. I don’t know what to do. Please pray for guidance and knowledge for me. Thank you.
Please pray for my sister as she will be having surgery to remove a large cancerous growth in her uterus. She will be going to Loma Linda University Hospital which is positive. Thank you very much!!
Letting go Anonymous702-07-2018
Please pray for me to be able to trust God to provide for me and take care of me. I am finding it hard to let go of things because I have been very broken in the past. But I am now suffering under the weight of "controlling everything".
My boyfriend and I are having a cultural clash and a communication breakdown. I care for him and desire a God ordained relationship with him. But the communication is becoming a big issue and makes me feel like he does not desire to be with me. Please pray for me to receive God's guidance on whats best to do and for a reconciliation of our differences.
Please pray for me to get a promotion in my current job from a business analyst to a senior analyst. I would like to experience professional growth.
Dad's healthAnonymous702-06-2018
My dad has a spinal cord dislocation that is threatening to make him permanently paralyzed from the neck to his toes. He has no health insurance and we live in Kenya where the medical practice is wanting. Please pray for his health and recovery. Please pray that we are able to afford his medication.
Devastated by my boss avoiding meValerie Hoopes702-05-2018
It seems like my boss is constantly avoiding me these days. I want to get closer to her like we were December 26. Things were perfect then. Please pray we can accomplish being on good terms like this again and strengthen our friendship.Thanks.
Heartbroken familyAnonymous702-02-2018
My brother in law is physically abusing my sister (even before, during and after giving birth to two children). My dad's been really sick and so weak. The rest of my family is struggling. I need a prayer of deliverance. I can't watch my sister put up with this anymore. I can't look at my dads hurt and weak face anymore. I need God to work a miracle into our lives, to let out all the evil, all curses, all demons out and into the pit. I know God will listen to your prayers.. please please please pray.. I don't know what else to do.. 🙁 🙁
Get through the griefBria Alford1401-30-2018
My mom passed away earlier this month and sometimes my heart is just so heavy. The whole day can go by and I’m in the same spot I started in. No sleep as she would be the person I called whenever. She provided me with so much love, guidance, wisdom, and unconditional support. Never would I think I would lose her when I’m so young. I’m really battling my mind slipping away and trying not to become depressed and lost. Please pray for me and my family. Thank you in advance for all the prayers and kind words.
URGENT PRAYER FOR FRIENDAnonymous1001-28-2018
Prayer for forgiveness. Friend has ignored me as suffering depression. I just ask he forgives me and stops ignoring me. I wish to god he would not be like this in jesus name. I pray he softens and stops doing these mind games. Silence is horrible and hurtful. I feel it has been attention seeking as he suffering depression. It takes 2 seconds to type a message saying one thing. Ignoring me like I do not exist is horrible and has hurt me a great deal. He has made me feel worthless.
Depressed, scared and aloneAnonymous1301-25-2018
My 86 year old Mom died a few months ago. I was with her since my husband died in 1998. I am now completely alone and afraid. I have no one. Please ask God to give me the faith of Jesus.
MarriageT Davis901-24-2018
My husband and I have been separated for 5 years. Pray that he falls in love with God. Open my eyes to have compassion, acceptance, and understanding towards him. He believes he is in love with someone else. He refuses a divorce but I am not seeing him aiming to repair this marriage. Pray that I am not bitter and that I consistently minister for the Lord unafraid. Please pray I\'m available to our children each day emotionally and physically. Pray I be a friend to my friends consistently. I pray to finish school next year and start a business pleasing God. keep me humble and grateful and joyful. Helpe to love naturally and celebrate others accomplishments. To break unGodly soul ties too. One more thing that I accept God will in my heart without a fight. Thanks !
Overcome/ChangeK K801-23-2018
Prayer for a friend to be free from gambling, recreational drug use, and any form of pornography.
Forgiveness & SecurityAnonymous801-22-2018
Please pray for me that I may have peace in my heart, learn to love myself and see the value in being a child of God. Please pray for me to find it in my heart to forgive my father for marrying a second woman that left her husband for him and for abandoning us to provide her (He is polygamous). Please pray for me to find spiritual, economic (financial and professional) and social security because I feel like I am alone, and I have no room to take a break because I just have to make it out of poverty. Please pray for me to find forgiveness in the hearts of the people I have wronged knowingly and unknowingly. I humbly ask.

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