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Our radio program Heartwise with Charles Mills is a thirty minute program in which we discuss a variety of health topics and answers questions that are sent in to our Ask The Doctor page. We explore the balance in healthcare and interview a variety of healers. To find additional stations worldwide where you can listen to Heartwise visit 3ABN Radio or Lifetalk Radio. Or if you’d prefer you can subscribe to our Podcast on Stitcher, available on IOS and Android mobile devices.

Recently on Heartwise Radio

  • 229 – Cheating Death Again – Dr Caldwell Esselstyn

229 – Cheating Death Again – Dr Caldwell Esselstyn

His 1985 study changed the way we think of combating heart disease. Now, he’s done it again, with more participants and even greater results. Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, famed surgeon of the Cleveland Clinic, shares his latest findings and offers hope for every heart.


  • 228 – Food Rx – Dr Michael Greger

228 – Food Rx – Dr Michael Greger

Using food as medicine is a much underutilized method of bringing healing to mind and body. Science is proving again and again that what grows in farmers fields is often just as powerful as what waits on pharmacy shelves. Dr. Michael Greger explains. (


  • 227 – The Journey Home – Chaplain Bob Mills

227 – The Journey Home – Chaplain Bob Mills

Today’s wars are far different than they used to be: different technology, different methods, different mindsets. Yet people are basically the same as they’ve been for centuries. What happens when today’s young person comes face to face with today’s wars. Bob Mills, Navy Chaplain, reveals the challenges that must […]


  • 167 – The Color of Health – Kim Anderson

167 – The Color of Health – Kim Anderson

African American infant mortality rates are twice that of Whites. Such women, even with graduate degrees, face an even greater risk of delivering preterm, low birth-weight babies than White women who don’t finish high school. Why? Kim Anderson, CEO of Families First in Atlanta, Georgia, provides some chilling answers.


  • 161 – Chronic Illness – Richard Cheu

161 – Chronic Illness – Richard Cheu

Chronic Illness is never a welcome guest in any life. It’s a bothersome visitor that just won’t leave. Former neurophysiologist and ordained chaplain Richard Cheu provides compelling counsel for dealing with the pains that stay. (


  • 226 – The Perfect World – Dr Janice Stranger

226 – The Perfect World – Dr Janice Stranger

If you long for a perfect planet, a perfect home, and a perfect self, the answer may be waiting at your local grocery store. What we eat impacts all three in some very profound and far-reaching ways. Wellness guru Janice Stanger, Ph.D. offers the perfect formula for making the […]

  • 225 – I Surrender – Dr Judith Orloff

225 – I Surrender – Dr Judith Orloff

Stressed out, exhausted, and unhealthy? Psychiatrist Dr. Judith Orloff suggests some ways to “let go” of what may be keeping us down. Sometimes, she says, we need to surrender for better health. (

  • 224 – Bones – Dr Scott Nelson

224 – Bones – Dr Scott Nelson

Dr. Scott Nelson, orthopedic surgeon based in Loma Linda, California, talks about some amazing, cutting-edge procedures to help those with injury or genetic challenges walk correctly again.

  • 223, Happiness – Dr. James Marcum

223, Happiness – Dr. James Marcum

Have you ever had a doctor prescribe happiness to you? There are scientifically-sound reasons why he or she should, and why we should immediately fill that prescription. Dr. James Marcum explains. (


  • 221, Love Your Body – Talia Fuhrman

221, Love Your Body – Talia Fuhrman

Talia Fuhrman, daughter of well-respected physician and nutritionist Dr. Joel Fuhrman, talks about her new book and how we can all learn to love our body by caring for it correctly. (


  • 219, Where’s the Truth?

219, Where’s the Truth?

Everyone wants to make you healthy these days. Everyone has a plan, a product, or a procedure guaranteed to–choose one–make you thinner, smarter, hairier, faster, more restful, more attractive, longer lived, able to sleep, able to stay awake, able to think, and even able to fight cancer. What works? […]


  • 218, Working For Scale

218, Working For Scale

Registered nurse and expert weight-management coach Linda Spangle helps us become friends once again with our bathroom scale by understanding what the numbers really mean. (


  • 217, The New Medicine

217, The New Medicine

The author of the ground-breaking “The China Study, Dr. T. Colin Campbell wades into the often confusing world of nutritional science to discover what he calls “the health care doctors forgot.” (


  • 216, Meditation

216, Meditation

Meditation is not a word often uttered in Christian circles, and for good reason. Like most gifts of Divine origin, the devil has turned it into an inner-looking tool with the sole purpose of getting to know self. But, God invites us to get to know Him. Pastor Conrad […]


  • 215, Caring for Feet

215, Caring for Feet

They help us get around and not fall over when we stand still. They’re good for kicking, running, and climbing so we need to take good care of them. Dr. James Marcum talks about keeping our feet as healthy as the rest of our body.


  • 214, Health Care Reform

214, Health Care Reform

Dr. Melissa Clarke explains how we can make the new health care programs work in our favor both in and out of the hospital. (


  • 213, Cancer Prevention

213, Cancer Prevention

Dr. Michael Greger uncovers the latest research into living cancer free. (


  • 212, Better Than Vegan

212, Better Than Vegan

Chef Del Sroufe, expert on food preparation, shares his journey to becoming a believer in and supporter of maintaining a whole food, plant exclusive lifestyle.


  • 210, The Zero-Waste Lifestyle

210, The Zero-Waste Lifestyle

A healthy planet is just as important as a healthy mind and body. Amy Korst, author the “The Zero-Waste Lifestyle,” challenged herself to live waste free for a year. What she learned can help us all keep our world cleaner and much less toxic. (


  • 209, Workplace Wellness

209, Workplace Wellness

What do the employees of Geico, Pepco, and Capital One know that we need to know concerning staying healthy on the job. Stacey Glaeser, human resources director for the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine shares some powerful tips for developing wellness programs on the job. (


  • 208, After the Bad News

208, After the Bad News

Your doctor has given you the diagnosis and types of treatments available. What then? Dr. Melissa Clarke explains how to be a part of your healing process. (


  • 207, Eat Healthy Cheap

207, Eat Healthy Cheap

Does it have to cost a lot to eat healthy? Ellen Jaffe Jones weighs in with her book “Eat Vegan on $4 a Day” and reveals the startling secret that healthy eating actually costs LESS, if you know how to do it right. (