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Our radio program Heartwise with Charles Mills is a thirty minute program in which we discuss a variety of health topics and answers questions that are sent in to our Ask The Doctor page. We explore the balance in healthcare and interview a variety of healers. To find additional stations worldwide where you can listen to Heartwise visit 3ABN Radio or Lifetalk Radio. Or if you’d prefer you can subscribe to our Podcast on Stitcher, available on IOS and Android mobile devices.

Recently on Heartwise Radio

  • Whole Detox – Dr Deanna Minich

Whole Detox – Dr Deanna Minich

Our bodies must constantly deal with toxins—some made internally, most introduced from the outside. Getting rid of toxins would seem to be an easy challenge—and it is, for a healthy body. But most of us aren’t healthy, and those excess toxins can be very destructive. What are we supposed […]


  • Mind Control – Michael Austin

Mind Control – Michael Austin

At age 59, Michael Austin discovered something that would change his life and set him on a new course. Prior to that, he was heavily involved in meditation and yoga, seemingly harmless pursuits. What he learned has become the cornerstone of his Christian witness.  (


  • Head Pain – Dr James Marcum

Head Pain – Dr James Marcum

The number one prescription and over-the-counter drug sold in America is pain medication. For many, life is just one annoying ouch after another, especially when it comes to the head. Truth be told, a lot of that pain is preventable. Dr. James Marcum provides guidance and good news.


  • Anxiety Breakthrough – Peg Haust-Arliss

Anxiety Breakthrough – Peg Haust-Arliss

Many are prisoners of what Peg Haust-Arliss calls “Anxiety State Prison.” She should know. She used to be a full-time inmate there. But, thankfully, times have change for her and she wants everyone to know that escape is possible. As a licensed psychotherapist, Peg offers a practical plan. (


  • Age-Proof Brain – Dr Arlene Taylor

Age-Proof Brain – Dr Arlene Taylor

Everyone grows old. But there are things we can do, starting today, to keep our minds and bodies in tip-top running order as the years pile up. Brain function specialist Dr. Arlene Taylor invites us all to “live by design” and age-proof our brains. (


  • Natural Cures – Dr Mark Stengler

Natural Cures – Dr Mark Stengler

In this world of “have an ill, take a pill, get a bill,” medical care, naturopathic physician Mark Stengler offers a long list of alternative ways to heal our ailments. He specializes in blending conventional and natural medicine to address everything from cardiovascular disease to cavities. (


  • Worshiping Through Pain – Chaplain Robert Mills

Worshiping Through Pain – Chaplain Robert Mills

God calls us to worship Him in all things. But there are times when the pains of life seemingly shut us away from our Heavenly Father. What can we do to reconnect? Navy Chaplain Robert Mills reveals how God longs to heal even the traumatized mind?


  • Foot Pain – Dr James Marcum

Foot Pain – Dr James Marcum

Our feet are an often ignored appendage of our body. They’re just there, ready to take us from point A to point B. But, we stop ignoring them really fast when they start hurting. Dr. James Marcum talks about foot care.


  • Caregiver Hope – Peter Rosenberger

Caregiver Hope – Peter Rosenberger

There’s a category of people who spend their days and nights performing a work few see and even fewer recognize. They often feel trapped, in despair, and hopeless. Yet their work requires that they offer an endless sense of freedom, a spark of joy, and constant hope. Peter Rosenberger, […]


  • Passion for Mission – Charlotte Ishkanian

Passion for Mission – Charlotte Ishkanian

Any time we think Christians are becoming complacent or losing sight of why we’re on this earth, Charlotte Ishkanian offers an antidote. She has traveled the globe searching for stories that prove over wise. God still moves in lives. God still performs spiritual miracles. God is still loved by […]


  • Teen Apathy – Pastor Rob Rienow

Teen Apathy – Pastor Rob Rienow

Teenagers are supposed to be apathetic, right? After all, we’re smack-dab in the middle of the “whatever” generation and teens are leading the charge. However, there’s one area of life where teenage apathy can be heartbreaking and possibly change one’s eternal destiny. Rob Rienow, author, pastor, and founder of […]


  • Wholistic Mental Health – Peg Haust Arliss

Wholistic Mental Health – Peg Haust Arliss

Peg Haust-Arliss wants everyone to eat plants. Why? Because she’s trying to curb our panic attacks, anxiety, and damaging behaviors. “What does what I eat have to do with how I think?” you ask? Arliss, a licensed holistic psychotherapists who’s been helping people, as she puts it, “turn their […]


  • Back Pain – Dr. James Marcum

Back Pain – Dr. James Marcum

“Oh my aching back!” Chances are very good that we will speak those words (or think them) this very day. Why do so many of us experience back pain—sometimes chronically? Cardiologist Dr. James Marcum, founder/director of Heartwise Ministries, shares insights and solutions.


  • Brain Function – Dr Arlene Taylor

Brain Function – Dr Arlene Taylor

“Many people fly through life by the seat of their pants in a rather hit-‘n-miss style. When their efforts result in a miss, they may have difficulty figuring out how to prevent similar misses in the future. When their efforts are a hit, they may not know how to […]


  • Serious About Love – Dr Kay Kuzma

Serious About Love – Dr Kay Kuzma

Love; that crazy, insane, irrational, wonderful, confusing, and often temporary emotion that strikes without warning and is very hard to ignore. How we handle love—or what we think is love—can impact our health and well-being like nothing else on earth. It can be life changing, or sometimes, life destroying. […]


  • The Wonder Years – Dr Rose Gamblin

The Wonder Years – Dr Rose Gamblin

Growing up has never been easy—especially when it comes to staying healthy. It seems that every generation faces new and often mind-numbing obstacles to making it through the Wonder Years in one piece. Teacher, educational consultant, and author Dr. Rose Gamblin explores the special needs of growing minds.


  • Chest Pain – Dr James Marcum

Chest Pain – Dr James Marcum

There’s a lot going on behind our breastbone. Many important organs and muscles live there, allowing us to breath, circulate blood, and basically live. So, when that region of our bodies starts to hurt, we need to pay attention. Cardiologist and Heartwise Ministries founder/director Dr. James Marcum talks about […]


  • Code Food – Maggie Neola

Code Food – Maggie Neola

You check into a hospital for treatment of whatever ails you and you totally expect that healing essentials will be applied to your body. However, in many cases, the opposite is true—at least three times a day. Registered dietician Maggie Neola explains. (


  • Going Natural – Dr Michael Greger

Going Natural – Dr Michael Greger

Dr. Michael Greger has made a life work out of finding the truth hidden within the hype and hope generated by marketing experts. He delivers his finding on his Web site His latest book, “How Not to Die,” has become a best-seller. On this program he shares insights […]


  • Young Minds – Dr Rose Gamblin

Young Minds – Dr Rose Gamblin

Children face many dangers when it comes to their health. Bad food, bad habits, and bad environment is always a concern. But are there also modern dangers when it comes to their education? Educator and counselor Dr. Rose Gamblin identifies some of the challenges and how best to address […]


  • Oh the Pain – Dr James Marcum

Oh the Pain – Dr James Marcum

Remember the 1960s television series “Lost in Space?” One of the characters, Doctor Zackary Smith, when confronted with a challenge or great disappoint, would mutter under his breath, “Oh the pain. The pain!” Apparently, a lot of people are muttering those words these days because the market for pain […]


  • Real Care – Karen Smith

Real Care – Karen Smith

The Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine has opened the doors of a new facility in Washington D.C. that practices what the organization preaches. Registered dietician Karen Smith reveals the medicinal power of plants to treat and heal a wide range of diseases. (


  • Plant Pure – Nelson Campbell

Plant Pure – Nelson Campbell

Director of the movie “Plant Pure Nation” Nelson Campbell discusses how the release is changing lives and altering whole communities, thanks to grassroots movements designed to  optimize health. (


  • Fit Quickies – Lani Muelrath

Fit Quickies – Lani Muelrath

Celebrity couch and fitness adviser Lani Muelrath shares insights into how to tone bodies and flatten tummies using simple and quick exercises that can be done anywhere, anytime. (


  • Poison Plate – Dr John McDougall

Poison Plate – Dr John McDougall

It’s not only what we eat, it’s what we don’t eat that can make all the difference. This is the messaged heralded by physician and author Dr. John McDougall who runs a live-in health-restoring center in Santa Rosa, California. Through his Web site, books, and media appearances, he shares […]


  • Animal Testing – Dr John Pippin

Animal Testing – Dr John Pippin

Animals have long served as test subjects for many painful and dangerous diseases as well as their attempted cures. That is changing, thanks to the work of people like Dr. John Pippin from the Washington, D.C.-based Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine. Soon we can all say with pride, “No […]


  • Resolutions – Dr Gregory Jantz

Resolutions – Dr Gregory Jantz

Long nights. Short days. For many, this is a recipe for depression. Add to that New Year’s resolutions that have fallen by the wayside, and our mental health can take a hit. Dr. Gregory Jantz, founder director of the Center for Counseling and Health Resources in Seattle, shares practical […]


  • How Not to Die – Dr Michael Greger

How Not to Die – Dr Michael Greger

Many of us seem to have a death wish. But Dr. Michael Greger offers insights and hope. His new book How Not to Die pulls back the curtain separating hype from truth and shows us how to prolong life and reschedule our own demise.


  • Biblical Prescriptions – Dr James Marcum

Biblical Prescriptions – Dr James Marcum

The Bible offers amazing insights into how the Creator designed us to live healthfully. His Biblical Prescriptions are just as valid and needed today as they were in the Garden of Eden. Dr. James Marcum, founder director of Heartwise Ministries, offers scientific evidence that proves that our Creator knew […]


  • Happy Thin and Free – Dr Susan Thompson

Happy Thin and Free – Dr Susan Thompson

Weight loss is a subject on the minds of most everyone these days and for good reason. Excess fat can create a long list of chronic diseases and debilitating conditions. But there’s hope. Susan Thompson, Ph.D, professor and assistant chair of the psychology department of Monroe Community College, talks […]


  • Adventist Health Study 2 – Dr Michael Orlich

Adventist Health Study 2 – Dr Michael Orlich

There’s a group of Bible-believing, Bible-preaching, and Bible-following Christians in this world who’ve been creating an interesting statistic for decades. Seems they live longer than most everybody else. The question is, WHY? Dr. Michael Orlich of Loma Linda University’s School of Public Health offers insights.


  • Healthy Holiday Eating – Lani Muelrath

Healthy Holiday Eating – Lani Muelrath

Merriment, fellowship, and food: major themes of the holidays. Eating this time of year can be quite a challenge if you want to guard yourself against overindulging with less than ideal food choices. Teacher, author, speaker, and mindful living expert Lani Muelrath offers suggestions for healthy holiday eating as […]


  • Eat and Run – Scott Jurek

Eat and Run – Scott Jurek

World class ultra-runner grew up enjoying the standard American diet. But then he discovered a way to eat that carried him to a whole new level of performance and he hasn’t looked back since. (


  • The God Connection – Dr Peter Landless

The God Connection – Dr Peter Landless

Hurting hearts often need more than modern medicine. They may need a modern God. Dr. Peter Landless considers building and maintaining optimum health more than a physical journey. He suggests that it’s a spiritual exercise as well.


  • Healing the Hole – Dr Holly Lucille

Healing the Hole – Dr Holly Lucille

The word “hormone” is usually connected with puberty, gender differences, or even night sweats.  Naturopathic doctor Holly Lucille says that hormones of the right type in the right amounts has everything to do with digestion as well. (


  • Lifelong Running – Dr Ruth Heidrich

Lifelong Running – Dr Ruth Heidrich

Some people run for office. Some run from the law. Still others run away from their past. Dr. Ruth Heidrich, an Ironman Triathlete years runs because she wants to be healthy and has formulated an exercise program that optimizes health and well-being. (


  • Beat Beat Beat – Dr James Marcum

Beat Beat Beat – Dr James Marcum

Hearts love rhythm. They beat regularly day and night throughout our entire lives, keeping blood flowing and our bodies and minds operating at peek proficiency. However, occasionally hearts get out of sync—sometimes with dangerous results. Cardiologist Dr. James Marcum discusses the rhythm of life and what it sounds like […]


  • Plant-Fueled Trucker – Bobby Anderson

Plant-Fueled Trucker – Bobby Anderson

Life on the road can be far from healthy. Quick stops and fast food seem to be the lot of hard-driving truckers. Bobby Anderson knew he was in trouble when it exhausted him just to walk around his rig. So, he made some changes. The results are nothing short […]