Restaurant Review

I have discovered the current number one healthy food establishment in Alabama. It is tucked away in an artsy village, Lowe Mill, in “Rocket City” Huntsville, Alabama. Von Braun would certainly find the cuisine as a source of energy to his body.


Chef Forest Wilson’s goal in life is to serve food that will change lives. He certainly changed my food taste by introducing me to root beverages. In the past root drinks have been just too much for my palate but he has found some roots that are excellent at alkalinizing the body.


Chef Will and the Palate use fresh, harvested daily ingredients. We had a black bean taco and a blackened portabella over a mixture of grains including quinoa. The spinach bed was particularly tender. The texture was a highlight only surpassed by the freshness.


As I briefly spoke to Chef Wilson, I found this small food truck is a ministry. Chef Wilson wants to educate and involve the entire community in healthy eating. From what I saw and ate, he is well on his way to accomplishing the goal. He is so fresh that when they run out of food, the truck closes for the day. The best way to know about what is going on in this unique Huntsville food establishment is Facebook.

We found out about them from the Happy Cow site, but as food aficionados, everyone realizes the Heartwise reviews are much more personal. If in Northern Alabama and want more than a meal, check this place out. It is well worth it!

Price Per Entree:

Type of Cuisine:
Vegetarian/Gluten Free
Sandwiches, Salads



2211 Seminole Drive
Huntsville, Alabama 35805