Restaurant Review

This new healthy eating establishment in downtown Harrisburg not far from the state capitol. The place has a homey feel and is definitely cozy. Chalk drawings adorn the wall and the staff is helpful in helping you make the right choice. I chose a sandwich and noticed received a well-seasoned though small portion. I really enjoyed the fresh beets. Numerous selections are available in pita-like pockets. For those with a thirst, this is a place for you. Crave and Co. is new and you definitely have to look for this restaurant to find it. Walnut burgers, black bean and quinoa, and an almond butter and fresh blueberry sandwich were on the menu. If I come again, I will try the chipotle black bean burrito. Prices were around 7 $ All the salads were solid. This was more of a lunch stop and not quite a date night, but in a few years I suspect the eatery will grow.

Price Per Entre:
$6 – $10

Mon&Tues 7a – 2p
Wed 7a – 9p
Sat 9a – 8p

Type of Cuisine:
Awesome Vegetarian Food

Favorite Dish:
Lasagna Napoletana


Phone: 717-695-6229

614 N. 2nd, St.
Harrisburg, PA 17101