Restaurant Review

I had the most pleasant dining experience at Kristina’s kitchen in southern Kentucky. I had more than a meal. I not only received a great meal, but discovered a health resource. The restaurant offers cooking schools as well as numerous healthy foods that you can take home with you.

We experienced a breakfast brunch. The tofu eggs were sensational, seasoned to perfection and complemented with lightly cooked kale and a millet patty with exceptional taste and texture. The food was locally grown and chemically free. After the meal I felt like saying, “Yumm!”

This is an establishment that is a destination meal. You do not just happen to pass by and drop in though this is possible. I would suggest planning a trip and make dining an event. I was able to learn about nutrition and healthy substitutes. Kristina has a wealth of knowledge on plant- based nutrition. She specializes in teaching other how to prepare meals that are not only nutritionally superior, but far better tasting.

If you are in the south and passing through southeast Kentucky, make Kristina’s Kitchen part of your itinerary. I received much more than a good meal. It was definitely worth the drive.

Price Per Entre:

Type of Cuisine:
Vegetarian Cafe & Bakery

Favorite Dish:
Tofu Eggs



18 S. Main Street
Whitley City KY 42653