Restaurant Review

We were taking a family holiday visit to Manhattan and wanted to have some healthier food while doing our part to help the environment.

We looked on our trusty iPhone and found Marty’s, since we were in the mood for burgers.

As a family, we travel extensively and have some experience with vegan restaurants. I always applaud any establishment that will try to improve health, protect animals, and seek to be good stewards of the earth. When I write a review, I look for something that will stand out in an eating venue, what makes this place special?

Several factors made Marty’s special. One was the burger. The patty itself was outstanding. If one added the “impossible” upgrade to the burger, a real first rate gourmet burger was available. If texture and a feel for real meat is needed, go for the upgrade, but for taste, the regular Marty burger with a side of fries was very satisfying.

My daughter had a unique item, the drumstick. The drumstick with the sauces was another unique taste with a texture more true to real chicken than any we had tried before. I also applaud the coleslaw, which was fresh and tasty.

The menu had greens available, but I would stick to the burger and fries. Fast food, No bull is their slogan, and it’s on their sign on E. 27th street off Lexington.

Another factor that set Marty’s apart was character. Marty himself was there and exuded enthusiasm for the food and greater cause of the establishment.

Marty’s is not a date night place, but a place to go for a great burger in a warm, purposeful place. In fact, we were so impressed that we visited again before the end of our visit. Native New Yorkers can carry out or have meals delivered through seamless.

I’d love to see Marty’s franchises across the country, as the signature vegan burger is the best for the price I have tasted. If in Manhattan, this is a must eat for not only a healthy meal, but in support of the planet.

Price Per Entree:
$7-11 USD/entree

Type of Cuisine:
Burgers and Fries
Vegetarian, Gluten Free

(646) 484 – 6325


134 E 27th St
New York, NY