Restaurant Review

Native Foods Cafe is in the heart of Washington D.C. This is a chain vegan restaurant and prides itself on comfort, vegan foods that taste good. My dad and I were not disappointed. From hamburgers to salads and tacos, all the food was vegan and was textured like “real” meat though without the fat and animal protein. The drinks were refreshing but I absolutely loved the nachos. I had a Moroccan plate and found that fresh broccoli serves me better than cooked. I would go with the hamburgers and chicken dishes as the texture was realistic. I think this is a great place bring a friend who has never tried vegan food. They will be pleasantly surprised. This chain has locations in California, Oregon, Colorado and Virginia. This restaurant has something for everyone and the staff is knowledgeable and helpful. Hopefully the chain will continue to grow.

Price Per Entre:

Mon – Sun
11am – 10pm

100% Plant Based Foods


Phone: 202-296-1674

18th and M Street N.W.,
Washington D.C.