Restaurant Review

Portia’s Cafe is in Cleveland, Ohio and can be found at They have items you’d find at any other café but work very hard to accommodate food sensitivities. Everything on their menu is free of meat, dairy, and eggs, and they can make most things raw or soy free. They also have menus to accommodate other allergies or restrictions, such as an oil-free menu and a menu that only displays options with 100% organic ingredients. There really aren’t any unhealthy options available here. We liked the Spanako-Rice Quesadilla. Entree price is about $7-12 but each gives you plenty of food. Try their fresh smoothies too: their vegan strawberry shake is delicious.

Price Per Entree:

Type of Cuisine:
Vegan Sandwiches,
Salads & Smoothies

Favorite Dish:
Spanako-Rice Quesadilla


(614) 928-3252

4428 Indianola Ave
Columbus, Ohio 43214