Restaurant Review

As we walked into Strong Hearts, I was intrigued by the decor.  Strong Hearts was named after people who were inspirational and had revolutionary spirit. They were willing to sacrifice to change the world. The food items were named in honor of these individuals. Also in one corner was art honoring the “Strong Hearts.”  The restaurant was located not far from the Syracuse University campus and downtown. After looking on the net, this is one of the best healthy restaurants in upstate New York. They have also been named several times as the best vegan restaurant in Syracuse New York.  We asked the chef/owner for some suggestions and he steered us toward the P& J French toast, the Eggs Benetrix, and the Egg Trick Muffin. The food was tasty and a little hot sauce augmented the Egg Trick Muffin. 

The texture of the food was great and they served healthy alternatives to breakfast sandwiches, eggs from chickens and bacon sausage.  My friend had a sausage substitute that was tasty and with a wonderful texture. We also had a milk shake. This was not your traditional shake but a health shake.  The natural sweeteners complimented the breakfast items.  The menu was stocked with salads, sandwiches, but their healthy milkshakes seemed to be a major draw especially to the younger clientele who were busy making their way into the establishment.  Strong Hearts also was appealing to the young hearts as well as the fifty something crowd with 70’s type music playing gently in the background.

I appreciate ambiance and meaning in dining and Strong Hearts fit the bill. Speaking of bill, no item cost more than 8.50 and the shakes were reasonably priced at 5.00$. Would we come back? Most definitely! No need in Syracuse to eat a fat filled breakfast when you have the ability to build a healthy heart at Strong Hearts.

Price Per Entre:
$5 – $8.50

Mon – Thu  8AM – 12AM
Fri – 8AM – 1AM
Sat – 9AM – 1AM
Sun – 9AM – 12AM

Favorite Dish:
Egg Trick Muffin

Vegetarian\Vegan Menu



719 E Genesee Street, Syracuse, NY 13210