Restaurant Review

For our anniversary my wife and I spent some time traveling through south Florida. As I have been working on dropping a few pounds and getting in better shape I have adopted a whole food plant-based diet. I’ve seen good results, but this can really be a challenge to stick with while traveling. I was so glad to find a restaurant in Fort Lauderdale called ‘Sublime’ which provided a great option for us.

Our meal began with the fire-roasted artichoke which was served with a garlic butter sauce. Upon tasting the sauce i had to check the menu again and sure enough, everything at the restaurant is 100% Vegan and Choleserol-Free. It was delicious. Then for entre’s my wife ordered the Reef Taco’s which were a nice plant-based take on fish taco’s. The fried tofu replaced the fish and the Asian slaw topped it off well. I treated myself to the Sublime Picatta which had a chicken-like cutlet served on top of sautéed spinach and creamy mashed potatoes. The lemon caper sauce on my dish was awesome.

We finished the meal off by sharing a piece of the key lime cheesecake. Until I tasted the cheesecake I wouldn’t have known that everything was plant-based, but with the dessert I could tell. It wasn’t a bad dessert, but I think it’s hard to imitate cheesecake with plant-based substitutes. However I’m sure that my body appreciated the plant-based version of the cheesecake a bit more. I’d happily go back and dine at Sublime again for a special occasion, it’s truly great vegan cuisine.

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Sublime Picatta




1431 North Federal Highway, Fort Lauderdale, FL