Restaurant Review

I had a work conference at Barnsley Garden in Northern Georgia and technology told me that I-75 was blocking my travels northward This turned out to be a blessing in disguise.


My wife and I were headed toward highway 27 when hunger took over and we discovered a most wonderful place to eat and refresh, The Vineyard Vegetarian Café and Juice Bar.


I tried their Bella Burger while my wife had the Tempeh club sandwich. We also sampled the juice special. What appealed to me was the fresh baked bread, fresh ingredients, and excellent potato salad. The service though was just as special as the cuisine.


It is not all that often in this hustle bustle world where the staff talks to you, explains their mission, and genuinely cares for you as a person on this planet. This was so evident as I dined. This made the food taste all the better and enhanced the dining experience.


The food cost about what a “Happy Meal” would cost at a drive through. The experience, though, was a memory that I will carry forward. If you are driving down 27 near Summerville in Northern Georgia, The Vineyard will be worth the stop even if you are not that hungry. Serving a meal with love and purpose did it for me.

Price Per Entre:

Type of Cuisine:
Vegetarian Cafe & Juice Bar

Favorite Dish:
Potato Salad


(706) 857-6087

9974 Commerce St
Summerville, Georgia