Restaurant Review

On a business trip to Houston I stopped in at “True Food Kitchen” for dinner found near the Galleria shopping area. I had read others review about the place and knew there were many options for those interested in plant-based nutrition. The venue was very clean and featured hip/modern decor.

As described by our server and a large image on the wall, the menu is based on “Dr. Weil’s anti-inflammatory food pyramid.” It’s a great concept and there were a lot of very appetizing and healthy looking options on the menu, despite the inclusion of several meat dishes.

We started with the “Kale/Cilantro Guacamole” which was quite good. Not a huge departure from other guac that I’ve had, but it was unique and quite tasty. And I chose to try the Matcha Honey Lemonade which was awesome. For the main course I had the inside out Quinoa burger with a side of sweet potato hash.

The flavors were delicious and it was a very nutritious dish. My only complaint about the meal was the the cost/value balance seemed a bit off. It was more expensive than I would usually pay for dinner and the portions were small, leaving me hungry at the completion of the meal. Granted, I have been labeled an “enthusiastic eater” and sometimes struggle to not eat more than I should. All in all it was a good experience, just be prepared to pay a bit more for smaller portions should you choose to eat at True Foods Kitchen.

Price Per Entree:

Type of Cuisine:
Includes gluten-free, naturally organic,
vegetarian and vegan offerings



1700 Post Oak Blvd
Houston, TX 77056