Restaurant Review

Have you ever had something that is the “best ever”? I had the extreme privilege of eating at Vedge in Philadelphia and received a dose of culinary love.

Tucked away on Chestnut Street, in the heart of Philly, is this well respected eatery specializing in the preparation of vegetables, specifically root vegetables.

The chefs are internationally acclaimed as artists in preparing vegetables. These artists make plants the centerpiece of dining instead of a side dish. By blending taste, texture, flavor, and presentation, they are on the cutting edge and have made an art form in their preparation of plants. This is literally a museum of food preparation.

The atmosphere was electric in an older building with the perfect blending of light, sounds, and character. The excitement and anticipation of the diners was palpable.

Vedge is not for routine meals. This is a place for an experience, a special occasion, a place to create a memory.

Our dining experience consisted of a sunchoke and celery bisque, which was surprisingly rich and creamy. This was just the start to warm up the palate. The choices consisted of three courses of vegetables prepared to perfection. I chose the rutabaga fondue, the kimchi brussel sprouts, and their tofu dish.

The grilled brussel sprouts were the most sensational blend of taste, texture and warmth I have ever tasted. Some say this is the “best” brussel sprout in the world.

We also enjoyed the beet preparation—it was prepared in a way that was almost similar to salmon.

Even the vegetable garnishes of cauliflower, carrots, and olives were seasoned and cut to perfection. The sauces especially the celery sauce was far beyond expectations.

For those with a vegan sweet tooth, the ice creams, cheesecake, and were the perfect ending to a splendid experience.

This has been the best vegan dining experience I have ever experience. It was also the most expensive, so save up before you go. This is a place to create a memory that will last a lifetime. Vedge will stay in your memory circuitry long after the evening. Reservations are required. The attire is business casual. This is a must dining experience for “foodies.”

Price Per Entree:
$13-18 USD/entree

Type of Cuisine:
Modern Plant Based Cuisine

(215) 320 – 7500


1221 Locust St
Philadelphia, PA 19107