Restaurant Review

California is a great state for healthy food. I was in Irvine and stumbled into the Veggie Grill at the Tustin Market place off the interstate. The Veggie Grill is a chain with numerous locations. Their strength is fresh ingredients. From burgers to bowls to salads, they have it all. I was in the mood for comfort food and had a burger. I had some excellent fries as well. My date had the avocado toast. After this I was satisfied. Next time back I will try the bowls. The Whole Earth Bowl was tempting.

What I really appreciate though is their dedication to fresh veggies and excellent preparation. Fresh will stand alone without much extra.  My “buds” just appreciate real. This restaurant chain is dedicated to this philosophy.

This must be working as they have numerous locations. Their website is helpful for detailed nutritional info as well as the ability to get the app and order ahead of time, avoiding a wait. This is great food and affordable.

Price Per Entree:
$10-14 USD/entree

Type of Cuisine:
Vegetarian / Vegan

(714) 669-3037



13786 Jamboree RD.
Irvine, CA 92602